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1928 3d Cufflinks

1928 3d Cufflinks

Made from a genuine 1928 threepence coin, this was the very first coin made by the Irish Republic making them very rare. The 1928 coin says Saor Stat Eireann Gaelic for Irish Free State.


These Irish sixpence cufflinks are made from real uncirculated 1968 6d coins. They have perfect definition and make a great gift.
Irish Threepence

Irish Threepence

The Irish 3d Threepence features the Irish Hare and Harp.These coins were last made in 1968. These are genuine Irish coins.
5p Irish Cufflinks
The Irish 5p Irish coin cufflink has a bull on one side, a symbol from Cu Chulainn folklore and the Irish harp on the other side, presented in a beautiful box. These coins are no longer in circulation.
Half pence cufflinks
The Irish 1/2p cufflink are made from 1971 1/2p coins, they are mint coins and have perfect definition. The design is from the Book of Kells.
10p Irish Cufflinks
The Irish 10P coin cufflink has the Irish 'Salmon of knowledge and wisdom' and the Harp on the other side, presented in a beautiful box.
Euro Cufflinks

Euro Cufflinks

The Irish Euro cufflinks are made using mint 1 Euro coins and feature the Irish Harp on one side and the map of Europe on the reverse coin.
Gold Cufflinks Ireland
The cufflinks are made using mint 10 cent Irish coins, which are set in Gold plated cufflinks. The feature the Irish harp and a map of Europe.
Irish 1 cent cufflinks
Made using the Irish Euro 1 cent copper coins, they feature the Irish Harp and the stars represent the Euro states. All the 1 cent coins used are new mint coins.
Irish Flag Cufflinks
Irish Flag Cufflinks. They are bright and modern to be worn with pride. Click on the photo for larger picture. Limited Edition of 100 sets made.
Irish Crown Pendant
The Irish crown Pendant is a very unique and beautiful handmade Pendant from the Old Irish Crown, which features the Irish Hunter Horse and reflects at the time, Irelands mainly agricultural society. They come presented in a Pendant presentation box. The Pendant comes with a snake chain which is included with the pendant.