Throwing the Rice or Confetti

The origin of throwing confetti over newlyweds predated Christ since it originates from the ancient Pagan rite of showering the happy couple with grain to wish upon them a ‘fruitful’ union.

Pagans believed that the fertility of the seeds would be transferred to the couple on whom they fell. The throwing of rice has the same symbolic meaning.

The word confetti has the same root as the word ‘confectionery’ in Italian and was used to describe ‘sweetmeats’ that is, grain and nuts coated in sugar that were thrown over newly weds for the same Pagan reason.

In recent years, small pieces of coloured paper have replaced sweetmeats, grain and nuts as an inexpensive substitute but the use of the word confetti has remained.

Despite the longevity of this tradition, it is on the verge of extinction because many register offices and churches no longer allow it because of the mess.

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