Here at Irish Coin Cufflinks we have lots of Irish coins, so it is always of interest when we see one selling for a large amount of money.

In an article which appeared in the Irish Independent and Irish central the details are

Over ten years on from switching to the Euro, collectors are now saying that some of the more scarcely produced Irish currency from before the switch could fetch a pretty penny. Coins from as recent as the 1980s and 1990s are valued at thousands of euros today.

Despite the fact that Ireland officially joining the Euro over ten years ago, there is still up to “€300m worth of punts are still unclaimed for” according to the Central Bank of Ireland. While many of the unclaimed coins and notes probably haven’t changed much in value, some of the more rare pieces have skyrocketed in price today.

For example, the 1985 copper-colored 20p piece that depicts a horse could be worth at least €10,000 in auction. Similarly, the 1992 10p coin could bring in between €5,000 and €10,000. Both of these coins were only produced in very small quantities, making them rare today.

At Irish Coin Cufflinks, we take old Irish coins, wash, polish and insert the coins into a set of Cufflinks.  We make Cufflinks from the old Irish threepence, sixpence, half pence, five pence and ten pence. We even had a selection of coins from the first series of coins made, which was the 1928 series. There is a fantastic story of WB Yeats, the poets holding a competition for the images which would be on the new state currency in 1928, at the time WB Yeats was a senator and was asked to become the chairman of the Irish coin committee. Fitting for the country which is referred to as the Island of saints and scholars that a poet selected the images on the coins which reflected Irish culture and heritage.

All of the Cufflinks come in a silver presentation box and with a full 100% satisfaction guarantee. The Cufflinks are made in our workshop in Dalkey, Co. Dublin and we ship worldwide every day.

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The Irish Threepence Cufflink

The Irish Threepence Cufflink