Apart from needing wedding Cufflinks on your wedding day, you’ll also need a blessing and here at Irish Coin Cufflinks we have supplied some information for your wedding day. From wedding cufflinks to wedding blessings.

Weddings are a time of well wishing and the bestowing upon the wedded couple, many blessings of all sorts. Every culture in the world has its own bevy of wedding blessings, but none are more favored than the Irish wedding blessing.

The Irish wedding blessing is becoming more and more a staple in weddings around the world, because they contain humor and heartfelt wishes expressed in beautiful language which appeals to most peoples’ ears, be they Irish or not. And for the most part, no matter how often they are used……..and they are long lived already, almost immortalized in history’s annals……..the Irish wedding blessing never seems to grow tiresome, but rather more desirable with the passage of time.

And there is a good reason for this: the meaning in a traditional Irish wedding blessing is so heartfelt, so elegant, and so sentimental; that it is often included in a wedding simply because it is so beautiful. Take a look around the room after an Irish wedding blessing has been given and you will find more than one person teary-eyed and moved by the blessing.

Here is an example of a traditional Irish wedding blessing: “May you both live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.” Or this example: “May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings, slow to make enemies, and quick to make friends.”

There are numerous places to find good examples of an Irish wedding blessing, and one of the best places to look is the internet.