For those lucky enough to be organising an Irish Wedding and looking for Irish Gifts you may find the below story about the Irish wedding tradition Something old, something new, something borrowed and something Blue of interest. Note we stock the Irish 5p. Something old, new borrowed and blue The full wording of this popular… Read More

Given we feature Celtic cufflinks on we thought we’d include information on Irish History. Early history (8000 BC – 400 AD) Ireland during the Ice Age.Main articles: Prehistoric Ireland and Early history of Ireland What little is known of pre-Christian Ireland comes from a few references in Roman writings, Irish poetry and myth, and… Read More

  Apart from needing wedding Cufflinks on your wedding day, you’ll also need a blessing and here at Irish Coin Cufflinks we have supplied some information for your wedding day. From wedding cufflinks to wedding blessings. Weddings are a time of well wishing and the bestowing upon the wedded couple, many blessings of all sorts.… Read More

From Irish coin cufflinks. For your wedding. Irish Marriage Blessing May God be with you and bless you. May you see your children’s children. May you be poor in misfortunes and rich in blessings. May you know nothing but happiness from this day forward. An Old Irish Blessing May the road rise up to meet… Read More

The Irish cufflinks have the Irish Harp on one side, here is information on the Harp The harp is a stringed instrument which has the plane of its strings positioned perpendicular to the soundboard. All harps have a neck, resonator and strings. Some, known as frame harps, also have a forepillar; those lacking the forepillar… Read More

The 10p feature the Salmon on one side and the Harp on the other. To purhcase a set, click irish cufflinks Here is information on the Salmon which we feature in our irish cufflinks Salmon is the common name for several species of fish of the family Salmonidae. The fish is pink and silver. Several… Read More

A coin is a piece of hard material, usually metal or a metallic material, usually in the shape of a disc, and most often issued by a government. Coins are used as a form of money in transactions of various kinds, from the everyday circulation coins to the storage of vast numbers of bullion coins.… Read More

Irish colonists brought Saint Patrick’s Day to what is now the United States of America. The first civic and public celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day in the 13 colonies took place in Boston, Massachusetts in 1737.[23] During this first celebration The Charitable Irish Society of Boston organized what was the first Saint Patrick’s Day Parade… Read More

The History of cufflinks goes back to the Middle Ages where its precursor, the ‘cuff string’, adorned the wrists of fashionable gentlemen of the day. One of the earliest references to what we now recognize as cufflinks was made in the London Gazette of 1684, which referred to a pair of cuff buttons set with… Read More