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As you can see we take Old Irish Coin, wash and polish the coins and inset them into Cufflinks.

Years ago I worked in mid town Manhattan and saw a colleague with a set of old NYC subway token which were upcycled into a set of Cufflinks. I loved the fact that something that was stepped in history and was part of New Yorks daily life and an iconic symbol of the City was made into an wearable.

Years later when I have moved back to Ireland and the Euro currency was introduced I thought it would be interesting to take the old Irish Coins and make them into Cufflinks. The Irish 5p was the first set we made which featured the Irish bull.

Irish Coin Cufflinks

Irish Coin Cufflinks

What I found was a fascinating story of Ireland and how the coins were designed. The fact that these coins were a reflection of Irish Culture and heritage was good enough reason to buy more coins and to set up a website to show them to the world.

After the Irish state was formed, it took several years before the idea of a new currency for the country was addressed. In 1926 WB Yeats the poet was asked to Chair the newly formed Irish Coin Committee, tasked with choosing designs of the new states currency.

WB Yeats held a competition and the winner was Percy Metcalfe who chose animals for the coins one side which reflected Ireland’s mainly agricultural society and became known as ‘The Barnyard collection’.

The other side featured the harp which was a symbol of Ireland from the middle ages and Ireland is the only country in the world to feature a music instrument on its coins.

The Coins were released in 1928 and the first coins featured Saor na Eireann- Irish free state. Ireland became the first modern country to design their own currency and further established their own independence as a new state.

We are delighted to preserve these coins for future generations and we only use genuine coins, and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all are Cufflinks.


Saor Stat Eireann

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